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Architects and Associates Dues Renewal

The renewal deadline has passed!  If you are an architect or associate member, and you haven’t renewed yet we would like to hear from you. If you are experiencing financial hardship there are some options available. Need a copy of your invoice or have another membership question?

Contact Shanelle Calvin, Membership Manager at or (804) 237-1772. We would hate to lose you as a member.

Online Supplemental Dues Payment Option

AIA Virginia transitioned to an automated electronic process for supplemental firm dues collection. This effort is in response to member requests to streamline the process and provide a more modern approach. We made the first step by sending a supplemental dues notice via email to all architect members on Nov. 17, 2015. Architect members that haven’t responded can still submit information online.

Large firms that would like to pay via check should contact Shanelle Calvin, Membership Manager, or (804) 237-1772.

New Year, Fresh Eyes On Membership

Start off 2016 by taking a fresh look at your AIA membership.

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Have a question about your membership? Contact Shanelle Calvin, Membership Manager, or (804) 237-1772.

Historic Membership High

As of October 20, 2015, the AIA has reached a new historical membership high that surpasses our 2008 membership high of 86,046 members.

AIA Virginia has also experienced a growth in membership, ending the year at 2,397 members. Watch for the “Membership Year in Review” in the December AIA Virginia News.

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does not include AIA Virginia Allied Members.


Welcome These New Members

We are always excited to welcome new members to Virginia. The following members recently joined the ranks of AIA Virginia.

New Associate Members
Wisam B. Aldabbagh, Assoc. AIA
Ariana K. Coleman, Assoc. AIA
Khaliunaa Ganbold, Assoc. AIA
Michael J. Gibbs, Assoc. AIA
Callum Gordon, Assoc. AIA
Rachel R. Gresham, Assoc. AIA
Timothy J. Hayes Jr., Assoc. AIA
Johanna Huddle, Assoc. AIA
Michael Kretz, Assoc. AIA
Kendall A. Nicholson , Assoc. AIA
Kwame Nyarko, Assoc. AIA
Constance S. Owens, Assoc. AIA
John D. Reyna Jr., Assoc. AIA
Kevin L. Schafer, Assoc. AIA
Amanda Schlichting, Assoc. AIA
Karen F. Schmid, Assoc. AIA
Jaime O. Ycaza, Assoc. AIA

New Architect Members
John Dorlini, AIA

New Allied Members
Amy E. Hegarty
President, Food Service Consultants Studio, Inc.

T.J. Ronayne III
President, Gropen, Inc.

Transferred In
Thomas S. Townes AIA transferred here from New Jersey
Ken L. Ross Jr. FAIA transferred here from Texas

Front and Center

“Remember the Member …” ~ HCD as a candidate for AIA President

Those who serve you – the AIA Virginia Board of Directors along with the staff team – have taken this phrase to heart. In every judgment we make, and each action we take, we consider the best interests of our membership. This month, I’m proud to share two major decisions that keep the individual member front and center.

Helene Combs Dreiling, FAIA
Helene Combs Dreiling, FAIA

The first relates to our emerging professionals. Beginning in the 2016 dues cycle, we’ll provide graduated dues for AIA Virginia members transitioning from Associate to Architect membership.

Delegates to the AIA 2015 National Convention in Atlanta in May supported a resolution to adopt a graduated dues model on a three-year cycle for members making this transition. In August, the AIA Virginia Board of Directors voted to follow suit, to strategically align with the Institute while also demonstrating our support for emerging professionals in the early stages of their careers. Further, the graduated dues model advances the objectives in our strategic plan to enhance support for emerging professionals and increase efforts to retain these members.

In this new model, the dues ‘step up’ over a three-year cycle. The first year following licensure, the member would incur the total cost of the current associate member rate plus one-third the difference of the architect member rate. The second year after licensure, the member pays the cost of associate membership plus two-thirds the difference of architect membership. The third year after licensure, the member transitions to the current architect member rate.

It is our belief that the minimal negative impact on the organization’s revenue will be more than offset by our ability to retain current Associate members and obtain new members. Anyone who has recently made this transition from Associate to Architect membership is painfully aware of the substantial jump in dues, happening at a career point when one is least able to bear it. Also, it helps our firms as well, as many generously continue to pay the dues for the members within their offices. And … we’ve encouraged all the local components in Virginia to join in this approach, if possible. The short-term sacrifice is well worth the long-term return in good will.

Speaking of good will, the second piece of news regards membership dues. Also during its meeting in August, the AIA Virginia Board decided NOT to raise state dues, at all. An escalator that aligns with National’s percentage increase is provided for each year, but the Board exercised its option to suspend the escalator. In other words, they made the deliberate decision not to raise dues … thus keeping your 2016 dues exactly at the 2015 level.

Our membership numbers are climbing, and quickly. In July, we exceeded our stated 2015 membership goal, and we continue to do all we can to enrich the value you receive for your investment in your professional society at the state level.

Thank you for being a member of AIA Virginia!

Helene Combs Dreiling, FAIA
Executive Vice President

Participate In Your Future

On June 19, 2015, members of the Virginia Society AIA will have a unique opportunity.  For the first time ever, a meeting of the full membership will be held virtually. We hope you’ve received your postcard announcing this meeting and that you are planning to participate.

Helene Combs Dreiling, FAIA
Helene Combs Dreiling, FAIA

Your leadership believed strongly that there is much to share as we enter our second century of service to the profession and the public. We shall update you on progress within key initiatives, programs, and projects, as well as seek your input on important facets of the future.

One feature of our session will be the consideration of a new name for our professional society within our state.  As you know, the AIA is an organization made up of many local and state components in addition to the Institute. To help reinforce the overall brand, the AIA has developed naming and visual guidelines, along with rules for combining component names with the AIA symbol, monogram, and other elements. Our own organization’s moniker ― the Virginia Society AIA ― does not adhere to these naming conventions (nor has it for many years). As the AIA continues to implement various elements of the Repositioning initiative, and because the VSAIA Board of Directors has expressed a desire to deliver a more consistent level of service and support to all members across the Commonwealth, it makes sense that the Virginia Society AIA adopt the brand guidelines recommended by the national component.

On Friday, Feb. 20, the VSAIA Board of Directors voted unanimously to transition the name and they now sponsor before the full membership a Bylaws amendment to make this change. As this is adopted, our component name will be expressed as AIA Virginia. Their rationale for embracing the AIA’s guidelines are:

  • The AIA’s Repositioning Initiative has been deemed critical to the future success of the AIA; our transition to AIA Virginia signals a strong show of support for this work.
  • VSAIA’s Strategic Plan calls for us to develop a holistic strategy to strengthen ties with individuals, components, and related organizations.
  • This naming convention aligns with all of the local AIA components in Virginia (AIA Blue Ridge, AIA Central Virginia, AIA Hampton Roads, AIA Northern Virginia, and AIA Richmond).
  • To achieve visual coherence, it is important for us to consistently reflect the AIA brand.
  • Adhering to the guidelines establishes a strong visual continuity and more clearly expresses the organizational relationships of the AIA’s components.

Along with this critical conversation and decision, you will learn more about efforts in government advocacy, communications and outreach, and professional excellence, and advancements within the areas of alliances, operations, and membership.  Please plan to join President Valerie Hassett, FAIA, and the rest of the VSAIA Board of Directors for this momentous gathering of the membership of the AIA in Virginia. Register online.

Repositioning Your Member Services

The AIA is positioning for robust future growth and relevance through stronger alignment, collaboration and partnerships among state and local components; elimination of redundancy, and streamlined effective governance. To aid in this positioning, the AIA Member Service Alignment Pilot Program was created to fund programs to promote component alignment.

The Virginia Society AIA, in cooperation with your local components in Virginia, applied for a membership alignment grant in February.  We are proud to say that we were awarded the grant and are looking forward to our first facilitated statewide discussion with state and local component leaders.

Your leaders will be gathering at Institute headquarters in D.C. on June 8–9, 2015 for a facilitated discussion focused on resolving conflicts, analyzing member services across the state, and identifying opportunities to work collaboratively in service and support of our membership.

The common bond we have is the members we serve, the desire to communicate the value of architects to the community, and the need to provide services that elevate the profession of architecture.

We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress. Contact Shanelle Calvin, Membership Manager, for more information.

Membership Meeting

Hear about vital developments within your professional society and vote upon a proposed name change at a special Meeting of the Membership on Friday, June 19, 2015, from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

To engage the broadest number of participants, members can join the meeting and vote on the proposal electronically.

Voting members of the society are assigned Architect members, Associate members, Emeritus and Fellows.

Read the Agenda

Read the Minutes from the last membership meeting

Read the Motion

Register for the meeting
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Please take a moment to download and test the meeting software. It takes just a few minutes to activate your account and make sure everything is working.

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