Foresight 2020

Architecture Exchange East. It’s our reunion, research lab, Academy Awards, election day, and graduation ceremony, all rolled into one annual, three-day event.

So, what’s it going to look like this year? To be honest, we’re not exactly sure — but we do know it will be pretty different from anything we’ve done in the past. Like everyone else, we’re learning new technologies and exploring innovative ways of doing business. We’re imagining all the possibilities. And, right now we’d love to hear from you.

Our theme, suggested by a brilliant (and possibly psychic) board member last October, is Foresight 2020. What topics and trends will be critical in the next 5, 10, 20 years? Let us know who you want to hear from and what research and innovations you need to know about.

With crisis, comes opportunity. Growth. Change is inevitable — let’s prepare to design the future instead of catching up to it.

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Firm Benchmarking Tool & Foresight Report

AIA has announced two exciting new resources.

First, the Firm Benchmarking Tool ( offers an interactive portal for members to compare themselves against the profession at large, and by firms of comparable size and specialization. This is just the initial release of the tool, which will eventually be a place for firms to compare themselves against other firms across a number of dimensions, starting with data from the Firm Survey.

Second, The Foresight Report is an environmental scan of trends that could disrupt or affect the future of architecture as a discipline and a profession. There are two tools that complement the report this year: a powerpoint with data excerpts and a workbook to help firms incorporate foresight into their strategic planning. We hope these additions make the report even more actionable, especially for smaller firms. Visit for more information.

While both efforts are aimed at supporting the business of architecture and firm leaders, The Foresight Report also offers a look at trends that could affect all of us regardless of position or profession.

AIA Issues Foresight Report

AIA Foresight Report 2013The AIA Foresight Report highlights key trends and their impact on business and growth in the architecture marketplace. It is intended to provide original research that applies to the current and future practice of architecture focusing on the areas of sustainability, advances in building performance, changes in project delivery and the evolution of technology.

The 34-page document  focuses on key trends and how they impact your business and a profession in transition. Working the Greenway Group, a respected organization providing insights into the design and construction profession, the AIA Foresight Report, contains readily implementable strategies related to sustainability, building performance, technology, leadership, and more. With this timely research, you and your practice should enjoy a greater opportunity for success.

Key findings include:

Stiffer competition in the designs services marketplace is here to stay due to recession pressure

New markets and a growing base of talent for the A/E/C industry due to the rise of emerging economies, including Brazil, Russian, India, China and South Africa

Greater collaboration among design, engineering and construction disciplines

Increasing push for measuring the effect and benefit of design strategiesand providing building performance data

Rise in alternative and complementary services being offered by architecture firms

Strong market for green products and design

FREE to AIA Members, digital copies of the AIA Foresight Report retail for $24.99; print-on-demand paperback books may be purchased for $34.99 through our distribution partner, Lulu.