Honorary Membership is bestowed upon a person of esteemed character who is not eligible for membership in the AIA Virginia but who has rendered distinguished and exemplary service, over a sustained period of time, to architecture and the built environment in Virginia.

No more than three honorary memberships may be bestowed each year.

Submission Materials

  • Nomination form
  • Nominator’s statement
    The statement should be no more than a paragraph and should include a concise description of the applicant and summarize how the nominee meets the criteria for the award.
  • Narrative information
    This information should detail nominee’s qualifications for award, citing specific examples related to evaluative criteria.
  • Biographical information
    This information should include education, professional history, volunteer efforts, and awards/recognition received by the candidate.

Evaluative Criteria
Consideration is given to:

  • The nominees’ regional and statewide contributions and impact;
  • The nominee’s efforts must be Virginia-based, a model for other efforts, and have statewide value;
  • The nominee’s length of service and type of activities.

Submissions should be no larger than 15MB and no more than 20 pages long (not including letters of support).

Click here to submit.

Delegate Ralph L. Axselle, Jr.
John W. Braymer, Hon. AIA, Ph.D.
Deborah Stephens Burns
Ellen Cantor
Baine Coburn
Stephen Coor
Helen R. Cougill
Frederic A. Fay
Senator Joseph V. Gartlan, Jr.
Francis A. Guffey II, AIA
Roberta Guffey, Hon. AIA
The Honorable Roger E. Hedgepeth
The Honorable Timothy M. Kaine
Paul A. Knox, Ph.D.
Buford S. Lindsay
Calder Loth
The Honorable W. Tayloe Murphy, Jr.
Thomas L. Osborne
Harry W. Porter, Jr. FASLA
Edwin J. Slipek, Jr.
T.K. Somanath
Susan Stein
Joanna Sunshine
The Rev. Richard Field Taylor
Joan Scott Trotter
The Honorable John C. Watkins
Murray H. Wright
John G. Zehmer, Jr.
Walter R. T. Witschey, Ph. D.
The Honorable Susan Clarke Schaar
The Honorable Bruce F. Jamerson
Stephan “Hobie” Andrews, Esq.
Kathleen S. Kilpatrick
Richard F. Sliwoski, P.E.
Meta R. Braymer, Ph.D.
Brian J. Ohlinger, P.E.
Kenna R. Payne
Steven J. Longstaff
Bryan Clark Green, Ph.D.
Catherine L. Guske
Rhea E. George
Kathleen R. Nosbisch
Elizabeth Tune
Henry Wheeler
Reginald Jones, Esq.
Judy Cheadle
Samuel W. Daniel
Patrick Cushing, Esq.
Keesha Ezell
Sean Golden, Esq.