Young Architects Forum

The Young Architects Forum (YAF)  is organized to address issues of particular importance to recently licensed architects.

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Young Architect Regional Director (YARD)

Marie McCauley, AIA

AIA Northern VA

Simone Saidel, Assoc. AIA (Chair)

Braden Field, AIA (Past Chair)

AIA Richmond VA

Keith Murphy, Assoc. AIA

AIA Hampton Roads VA

Jeffrey G Butts, Jr

Corrie Machado

AIA Blue Ridge VA

Brooke Dooley

Lindsey Jones

AIA Central VA

Shawn Mulligan, AIA

AIA West Virginia

Joshua Shinn, Assoc. AIA

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Virginia Accord

  • The Virginia Accord

    Bringing together the planning and design disciplines to examine two key themes critical to the future — job creation and environmental sustainability — on Sept. 19-20, 2014 at the Virginia Accord.