2022 ROTV Component Contact List

Virginia Component Policy Notes on Dues Waivers

AIA 2022 Membership Policies

Core Member Services 3.0

This list of resources and links is meant to help component leaders navigate core member services throughout the year and be prepared to provide the needed documentation for accreditation every 3 years.

The AIA Online Resource Glossary with links to example documents, policies, and programs is available on Component Connect.

A Member Service Agreement MOU exists between all 6 Virginia components to facilitate cooperation and coordination. It details how AIA revenue (resource allocation) is distributed among components in Virginia (in February, May, August, and November.)

Have questions? Contact Cathy Guske, Member Services Director, cguske@aiava.org



  • Share legislative agenda (state components)
  • Engage with local decision-makers (local components)


  • provide a link to the webpage where upcoming events are posted
  • provide a link to the webpage showing how to reach the component’s point of contact
  • Follow AIA guidelines consistently for all electronic and print media
    • AIA Brand Shop
      • brand.aia.org | single login (your chapter name & password)
  • Provide regular, readily visible promotion of AIA Products in print and online publications
    • AIA Contract docs, AIA Career Center, AIA Conference, AIAU
  • Provide a copy of the most recent call for design awards entries
  • Describe at least one key public awareness activity and the target audience



  • Provide a copy of the most recent IRS 990, 990EZ, or 990N return
  • Affirm that all tax returns that are applicable to the component have been filed.
  • Directors and officers liability insurance policies
  • List other insurance policies carried with the date the policy expires
  • PDF of the business continuity plan
  • PDF of a board meeting agenda with financial reports
  • PDF of the component’s financial management policy
  • PDF of the component’s financial reserve policy
  • PDF of the component’s financial policy concerning audits & reviews and the financial review committee
  • PDF of the component’s current policy or procedures concerning the handling of funds and member data and efforts taken to reduce bank fraud
  • affirm that the component’s credit card processor complies with PCI DSS (data security standards)
  • Report dues rates to AIA by the Sept. 15th deadline
  • send at least one elected leader and executive director to Grassroots at least once every 3 years
  • send executive directors to CACE annual meeting at least once every 3 years
  • send new executive directors to IRT within 2 years of hire


  • PDFs of whistleblower protection, conflicts of interest, and records retention and destruction
  • PDF of policy on compensation and benefits review for executive directors
  • describe how policies are made available to board members
  • describe compliance to and education of leadership and members about antitrust compliance and avoidance of sexual harassment
  • describe how the component upholds AIA’s EDI statement
  • PDF of current bylaws along with date last amended
  • submit officer names to AIA component relations by Dec. 31st each year
  • PDF of the agenda from the last board orientation
  • PDF of the most recent strategic plan
  • PDF of state corporation record (non-profit)


  • Describe and provide examples of the component’s member recruitment and retention activities
  • Describe and provide examples of the component’s activities to engage members at each state (1) Associates (2) Architects (3) International Associates and (4) Fellows
  • Describe and provide examples of the component’s activities to recognize and engage all new members and newly licensed
  • Provide a summary of member feedback received