Originally, your next three-year Component Accreditation cycle was scheduled for 2022 (covering activities occurring in 2021). However, the AIA Board of Directors voted last week to make some changes, specifically:

  • The full accreditation is deferred for one year, to allow components more time to recover from the stresses of the pandemic.
  • Instead, in 2022 you will receive a “check-up” on just five core services (covering 2021 activities) that are crucial to perform every year to stay in business, reduce risk, and maintain continuing education.
  • The full accreditation process resumes in 2023 (covering 2022 activities) and will repeat every three years thereafter.
  • Thereafter, the accreditation “check-up” will occur in the two years between full accreditations.
  • The Board also voted to allow more flexibility in continuing education to foster meaningful collaboration among components.

Find more details-including the five items in the accreditation “check-up”–in this PDF. We urge you to read this attachment now and save it for future reference.

2021 Region of The Virginias Contact List>>

2021 Dues Rates for Virginia Components>>

Virginia Component Policy Notes on Dues Waivers

AIA 2021 Membership Policies

This list of resources and links is meant to help component leaders navigate core member services throughout the year and be prepared to provide the needed documentation for accreditation every 3 years.

View the full AIA Component Playbook

The AIA Online Resource Glossary with links to example documents, policies, and programs are available on Component Connect (www.aia.org/leaders) under Core Services.

A Member Service Agreement MOU exists between all 6 Virginia components to facilitate cooperation and coordination among us. It details who provides services and how AIA revenue (resource allocation) is distributed among components in Virginia (in February, May, August, and November.)

Have questions? Contact Cathy Guske, Member Services Director, cguske@aiava.org



  1. Follow brand guidelines consistently in digital and print
  2. Promote AIA events and products on your print/online communications.
    1. AIA Brand Folder
      email brandteam@aiava.org for login info
      1. Your component logos
      2. Fonts: Architype Light and Architype Bold
      3. Templates: Letterhead, Press Releases, PowerPoint Slides
      4. Documents: Printed resources
      5. Digital/Print Ads: Contract Docs, Career Center, Conference,
      6. AIAU
      7. Videos
    2. AIA Brand Shop
      single login (your chapter name & password)
      1. Printed letterhead
      2. Envelopes
      3. Business cards
      4. Notecards
      5. Pocket folders
      6. Customizable brochures
  3. Have an active digital presence and keep it current (your own URL or AIA.org)


  1. Continuing Education:
    1. 18 LU/12 HSW hours
    2. 4 hours on your provider account
    3. File courses and update transcripts promptly
  2. Emerging Professionals
    1. mentor and educate them


local components: Engage with local decision-makers


  1. Raise public awareness on design and the architects’ role
  2. Use AIA campaign materials or create your own
  3. Recognize member project excellence (Design Awards) and volunteer service (honors)


  1. Your own policies:
    1. Conflict of interest
    2. Whistleblower
    3. Records retention & destruction
    4. Review of executive compensation & benefits review
  2. Uphold AIA policies:
    1. Antitrust compliance
    2. Sexual harassment
    3. Equity, diversity & inclusion
  3. Bylaws
  4. Meeting Minutes
  5. Insurance
    1. Directors & officers AND
    2. General liability insurance
  6. Officers in the AIA database – before December 31
  7. Strategic plan
  8. Business continuity plan
  9. File as nonprofit with your state


  1. Retain and recruit members annually
  2. Welcome new members; engage with all types of members
  3. Seek member feedback (AIA Virginia is happy to share recent survey results)


  1. File federal taxes
  2. Report financials to board quarterly
  3. Safeguard financial transaction and member data
  4. Report dues rates by September 15
  5. Attend Grassroots
  6. Attend CACE Annual Meeting
  7. Attend Institute Resource Training