Susy graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture, The City College of New York in 2013. After graduation, Susy quickly developed a passion for standards and guidelines that ultimately shaped her career. She found herself focused on optimizing the process of creating construction documents with the tools at her disposal and utilize the resources available to leverage software efficiency opportunities without losing design quality.

She joined 4 Ideal Design in 2017, a Digital Practice Consulting Firm that she Co-founded with her husband a year before. Not sure if she wanted to leave design, Susy found synergy between the 4iD guiding principle to optimize the digital practice and her vision to bridge the gap between the design and the technology worlds. She quickly embarked upon the vital role of working with firms to create great architecture consistently through development of effective standards and efficient workflows. As her role of Services Director at 4iD, she oversees all client relations to provide customized solutions based on her industry experience and her ongoing study of the optimum use of software and tools.

In addition to her commitment to 4iD, Susy has continued to support up and coming architecture talent by teaching Revit in both English and Spanish. In a recent rewarding venture, she collaborated with a Technical School in Maryland to teach construction workers how to read and understand construction drawings in Spanish which included support in understanding the technical language contained in the documents. Susy also teaches at the New York School of Interior Design. Her classes include Presentation Techniques using Revit and Enscape as well as Hand Drawing. Her passion to teach and optimize design continues to align with her vision and mission in the Architecture profession.

She holds LEED certification and is currently in the path to licensure.