The governor will be selecting in 2013 several Virginians to serve as leaders of several agencies.  The Virginia Society AIA offers the governor a slate of nominees that the  Board believes is capable of leading the Commonwealth in becoming more responsive and more efficient in providing services to the public.

While some positions specifically call for an architect, others may be filled by anyone.  For those positions set aside for architects, the Society strives to provide a slate of three names for the governor’s selection.  For positions open to the public at large, the Society promotes one or more, depending upon member interest.

The agencies usually of interest to architects and the number of open positions are as follows:

  • Board of Housing and Community Development — one position open.  Candidates are chosen based upon residence in each of the 13 congressional districts.  The open position is from the 1st Congressional District.
  • Virginia Housing Development Authority — one position open.  The only restriction listed is that no more than three people in any one profession may be chosen.
  • Virginia Offshore Wind Development Authority — three positions open.
  • Board for Professional and Occupational Regulation — two positions open.
  • Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, Certified Interior Designers, and Landscape Architects — four positions open: one for an architect, one for a professional engineer, one for a surveyor and one for a landscape architect.
  • Board of Historic Resources — one position open.
  • Fair Housing Board — three positions open.

Most appointments are for four-year terms with a maximum of two full consecutive terms.  For more information, contact Duncan Abernathy, AIA, at

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